Software Integration (CTI)

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Integration between your existing software and our telephone system is the ultimate in convenience

With most modern businesses there is a lot of data stored on your computers and in the cloud through your software. At Efficient Telecom we find opportunities to use this data to make your telephone system work better for you.

  • Caller ID and Call Routing – Many companies do have Caller ID, but it is not particularly useful when it shows a number on the screen of your telephone and there still no clue who it could be. We can use your data from your software to display “Mr Smith” on the telephone, so you can be prepared when you answer the call. Conversely, you know that Mr Smith normally speaks to your colleague so you may want to wait a moment and have them answer it saving time in transferring calls and avoiding distraction. Also, contacts can be split into discrete categories such as ‘Sales Customers’ and ‘Purchasing Suppliers’ for example. We can have these calls handled by different phones, or simply have different ringtones for them if required.
  • Caller Actions – There are interesting actions you can take when your computer knows who you are on the phone with. With a click of a mouse, you could display customer information. Your sales system could automatically fill out your customers account information. There are a lot of possibilities to make these processes easier for you.
  • Built-in Call Log – Your software can display information about a customer, but it could be even more convenient if you can also display a full call log of the contact as well. You can clearly see when calls have been made to and from a person, who answered them and with one click even play back a recording of a conversation. All within your existing software.

Software Integration Varies

The features above and other possible features are highly dependent on the software which you use, and the technology that makes it work behind the scenes. If you use software which works through your web browser there is a lot of potential for software integration. If you use Windows software then often it will require collaboration with the authors of the software. Exactly what is possible can be made clear during a brief initial consultation.

We are very open for working with software developers to integrate our telephone system with their software. If you are a software developer please do not hesitate to get in touch for details of our partner programme and API.