Telephone System Features

Our telephone systems are custom designed and configured specifically for your business to be as effective as possible and also as easy to use for you. However, there are some common components which do make Efficient Telecom projects stand out from what is traditionally available.

Call Recording

It is easy to underestimate how powerful Call Recording can be in your organisation. Our systems are fully PCI DSS Compliant with the ability to pause recording to avoid capturing payment details, and we have designed our recording system to be highly secure for your peace of mind. How can you use recordings in your business?

Excellent customer service is the key to a successful business, and call recording helps you to achieve the very best standards in making sure your customers are happy. When you need to review a discussion with a customer, in seconds you can play it back. Never miss out a detail again. In the unlikely event of a complaint or dispute, all communication can be reviewed by management and it can give you a chance to turn problems around.
Make use of verbal contracts with confidence and know that all agreements are stored automatically. If you have problems with your suppliers be calm in the knowledge that there is a log of all calls and promises made.
Review new staff, work on improving your communications and providing a better service. Use recordings to get advice on how to deal with specific situations and pro-actively work on improving the telephone manner of your staff and image of your company.
When taking a call for a colleague, you can simply let them know that they need to listen to the recording. Reducing relayed messages prevents errors and saves time. When a customer provides you with a large amount of information such as a purchase order you know that it would be possible to re-check it using the recording, or even delegate the processing of the request to another member of staff all without the use of written notes.

Web Interface

The web interface allows you to control your telephone system directly from your computer for the ultimate in convenience and ease of use

The majority of business intelligence is carried out through your computer. Using this same device to make initiate telephone calls, manage your contacts, view your call log, listen to recordings and voicemail is a natural extension which can help you work much faster. Using our interface with large clear buttons on your screen and keyboard control is also significantly easier than using the acronym-laden buttons and small display of your telephone.
Adding and Editing contacts is very easy when their details are on the screen. We have the option of unifying your contacts throughout your organisation. Add a contact yourself and it can become available instantly to your colleagues.
Businesses can have hundreds or even thousands of contacts. We aim for our system to find you the contact you want to get in touch with as fast as possible and believe that with your fingers at the keyboard this should take no longer than your typical Internet search.
Many business operations require getting in touch with people repeatedly. Whether this is between customers and suppliers, tenants and landlords or whoever your business is with having a display of your call log on the screen makes redialling as easy as a click of a mouse.

Smart Voicemail

Our voicemail system is significantly easier to use than a traditional system. Rather than having a robotic voice announcing each message one at a time, we can display your messages on your computer screen. They can tell you exactly who called (by name if they are a known contact) and at what time at a glance. It is then possible to listen to the message, delete the message or call them back all with one click of a button. This allows you to deal with voicemail messages faster and easier than ever before, and have a system that is effective in making sure that you attend to messages swiftly and never miss a business lead.