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L Kingsly Estate Agents

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L Kinglsy is a busy Estate Agency on Edmonton’s bustling high street. Like the majority of small businesses they had a standard office telephone system connected to regular BT telephone lines. Normal features such as being able to transfer calls were available as well as Caller ID, but this was not particularly useful since the telephone numbers appearing on the screen of the phone had no context.

Kingsly use SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription based software through a web browser on their computer, as is very common for estate agents of this size. In this case they use the excellent Domus Estate Agent Software.

Kingsly Onphone

Our proposal to Kingsly was to revolutionise their telephone system to help them be better organised and save them time. Our goal was to use data in Domus to provide an integrated system where their telephones work together with their existing customer information. We want to reduce time for them spent dialling numbers, transferring people and asking basic questions to instead focus on selling properties.

Kingsly Reception

  • Caller ID – Name Caller ID rather than numbers so that it is easy for relevant staff to pick up a call and dramatically reducing the amount of time where a customer is being passed around to various members of staff.
  • Click-to-Dial – Rather than dialling a number from your screen into the telephone, you can now call a contact directly from Domus with a click of a mouse. This helps you to keep your conversation and topic in mind without distraction. Also, when a new property arrives on the market with a high number of client matches it really does save time contacting them all and stops the task from becoming tedious.
  • Auto Number Filling – On the ‘New Customer’ screen our system detects if you are currently on the phone and if this is the case it will automatically fill out the telephone number for you. Although a small neat feature, it does help you to enter details quickly.
  • One Click Customer Lookup – We provide a button on the user interface which looks up who you are on the phone with and displays their customer activity page in one click. For example, while on a call with a customer you can display all of their Domus buying/letting requirements and property matches on the screen in one button click without even asking their name.
  • Call Log and Recording – Our system keeps track of your call log in a similar fashion to a mobile phone. Business often requires calling the same people a number of times to resolve issues and having your call log on the screen makes this very easy, as does calling “the customer I was speaking to yesterday lunchtime” even if you forget their name. We display each customer’s specific log in a new tab on their customer activity page, so you can easily see when they last called, who they spoke to and with a click of a mouse you can play back a recording of that call.
  • Smart Voicemail – Our voicemail system is displayed on your computer screen so you can easily see who has left you messages. Listen to them in any order you like, all without listening to a robotic voice.

Please take a look at the video below to see how the features above work in practice:

As well as all of these benefits to their business processes, we moved Kingsly from BT to a VoIP service. This allowed them to control their incoming calls to multiple branches using a single telephone number and professional menu system and also save a significant amount of money.

While on the phone having customer information available on the screen with a single click of a mouse button is a revelation. It is great for us, great for our image and great for the customer too.